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paytm using upi

How To Add Money To Paytm Using UPI

Now you can add money  to your paytm using UPI apps. UPI apps like PhonePe and BHIM can now be used to add money to your paytm wallet. This makes the process much simpler and faster.

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Ever since demonization Paytm business has grown multifold and people started using this digital wallet much more than ever before. With growing users Paytm also came up with new and interesting updates. Some of them worked well while other couldn’t take off!

With more and more people adopting cashless ways of transaction, government as well as other organisations came up with new and innovative ways of making cashless payments.

Government is also trying to push digital economy and recent moves like launching of BHIM app and announcement of AEPS app attracted a lot of people. This was even seen as a growing competition for Paytm.

But! Paytm yet again came up with an innovative solution!

They turned the competition into an opportunity. They launched a new feature to add money to Paytm using UPI apps like BHIM and PhonePe.

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How to add money to Paytm using UPI apps

  1. Open Paytm.
  2. Click on Add Money.
  3. Enter the Amount and tap on Add Money.
  4. Select payment option as UPI.
  5. You will get an option to enter your VPA (Virtual Payment Address).
  6. Enter your VPA and confirm the same.
  7. Now you shall receive a notification on UPI app like PhonePe or BHIM. This shall notify you about Paytm requesting you money which is equal to the amount you entered.
  8. Click on the notification and switch your app to the UPI app.
  9. Accept the request and enter your mPin to authenticate the transaction.
  10. Once the transaction is successful the amount will be transferred to your paytm wallet.

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If you still have any questions about adding money to paytm using UPI, comment below. We shall respond as soon as possible.



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14 thoughts on “How To Add Money To Paytm Using UPI

  1. My dear,
    My situation is this. I have BHIM UPI app on my phone. The medical shop keeper uses PayTm app. Now I have to pay some money Rs.5000/- to the shop keeper. Please tell me what I should do now.
    Thank you

    1. Do you mean that you tried to add money to Paytm using PhonePe and the transaction failed? If yes, and if your balance has been deducted, don’t worry you will get a refund automatically (It may take a maximum time of 7 days).
      Hope this helps!

  2. Balance hasn’t deducted but paytm shows me that my transaction failed I wanna urgency I don’t no what to do please help me

    1. I hope you have UPI pin already set. If not, set a UPI pin first to make any transaction. If that’s not the case, repeat the process again. If you still face any issues, you can contact us on Facebook ( We will be happy to help you.

        1. Maybe you have already set a UPI pin using some other app like BHIM or you may have used USSD (*99#) earlier? You can try setting a new UPI pin using last 6 digits of your debit card/ATM along with expiry date. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number along with your UPI PIN.

          Also, please note that some banks don’t allow setting UPI pin using third party apps like PhonePe. In that case, you need to set up your UPI pin using your bank’s website or their mobile app.

    1. You need to use the mPin you set while installing any UPI app or setting up UPI for the first time. If you haven’t set any mPin, you can use any number (usually 4-6 digits) that you can easily remember.

  3. My Problem Is i have using Phonepe upi application and i have transfer Send phonepe to paytm wallet 500 rs but my transction is succesful but my paytm wallet is not succesfull and my money loss to bank then i have proof of paytm massege ur phone pe to paytm transication of 500 rs is succesfull but my paytm is not add money so pls mention my problem. my paytm no 8****4651* (number removed by moderator)

    1. In such cases the money is refunded within seven days. You can contact Paytm customer care or your bank in case you don’t get your money back.

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