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Aadhaar Pay App

Aadhaar Pay App Not Available On Play Store – Here Is Why?

Aadhaar pay app has been introduced but people are not able to find the app for download. If you are also searching for this app, read this post to know more.

For a very long time it was being said that Govt. is going to launch an app to make Aadhaar Enabled Payments using a smartphone. Christmas was selected as the day to launch the app. But the app was actually introduced by Digital India Facebook page one day before Christmas i.e, 24th December 2016. This introduction was made using a video that showed the working of the app.

This introductory video led people to speculate that the app will be available for public download on 25th December. Soon after this  people started to search for this app on various stores but no one was successful to find Aadhaar Pay app!

So, why is Aadhaar Pay App not available on any app store like Google Play?

Like everyone else, we were also waiting for the app to be available for download. But here’s what we came to know about aadhaar pay app:

Currently their is no centralised aadhaar payment app available for download to public. However, some banks have developed apps based on AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System) and they are running those in a test phase right now.

Some sources suggest that two banks namely State Bank of India and IDFC bank have developed apps for aadhaar based payments.

IDFC Aadhaar Pay and SBI Aadhaar Payment System

State bank of India is currently testing their aadhaar payment app in some rural area of Maharashtra. IDFC bank has registered 100 merchants on their aadhaar payment system and testing their app. Currently it is very unlikely that you get a chance to make payment using aadhaar pay app.

“Aadhaar pay app will be launched on 25 December 2016.” – This news was making rounds on social media and also thousands of people were looking to download aadhaar pay app. We also wrote in a post about Aadhaar Payment App & how to use it?  This post shows working of aadhaar pay app on the basis of video shared by digital India Facebook page.

All we can conclude for now is that app is not right now available for download. This means the video which shows the working of app is an idea under construction which is soon going to be reality.

Although we can’t anticipate the time it will take for aadhaar pay app to become available for public download. But it is for sure, that we will see aadhaar pay app anytime soon.

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