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aadhaar for cows

Aadhaar For Cows: Indian Cows to get unique identification

Indian Govt. has planned Aadhaar for cows – this is a 12 digit aadhaar like unique identification for cattle which includes cows and buffaloes.

Government of India has planned to use a tagging device which will give every cow and buffalo in the country a unique identity. The identification will be similar to aadhaar numbers assigned to citizens.

This move aims to assign unique identification to 88 million cattle in the country.

Main motive of assigning Aadhaar for Cows

When the headline “Aadhaar For Cows” was shared by various media outlets on social platforms it was both seen as funny as well surprising by many of their audience.


This move if executed correctly can be much beneficial to cows as well as country’s economy.

The main motive behind all this is to track the health of the cows and to check for timely vaccinations. Government has already set a budget of Rs 148 crores for this purpose.

The tags are not harmful for cows

Those of you who are thinking about the safety of the cows. From the various reports we have come to know that the tags are made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer. The tag which costs just Rs 8 will be attached to the centre of cow’s ear lobe.

The tags will be attached with the help of a tool and in a way that causes minimum inconvenience to the animal. Also the weight of tag will be negligible to cause any discomfort.

Some statistics related to this move

“According to a report by BusinessToday, A special team of technicians equipped with 50,000 tablets, special tags and health cards aims at tagging 41 million buffaloes and 47 million indigenous and cross-bred cows that produce milk.

The tagging is already in process with nearly a million cattle already assigned the 12-digit identification number. The government claims the procedure will complete within this year. The tagging will facilitate the government’s aim to double the amount of milk production by the year 2020. The milk economy currently measures upto 5 lakh crore, out of which 80,000 crore belongs to the organised milk economy.”

What is your reaction on making aadhaar for cows? Tell us in the comments below.

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      You can accept payments using Aadhaar Card by using AEPS Micro ATM for now. To get one you need to contact your bank. Also, Government will soon launch an Aadhaar Payment App.

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