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777888999 the killer number

777888999 Killer Number & The Death Call – Will My Phone Explode?

Dear what’s app users: Please read the message carefully, It’s not a joke. In-between 12.00am to 3.00am don’t pick the phone call from the number 777888999. Yes it’s a nine digits mobile number but it’s not fake. 10 people have died because of answering the call.

The above message going viral over WhatsApp. The message says that if you answer a call from 777888999, your phone will explode.

This viral WhatsApp message restrains people from picking up calls from this number. Many people forwarded me this message.

The same message is being sent via WhatsApp in different languages and forms. Some write it as a death call.

But is call from 777888999 really a death call. Let’s get to answer.

777888999 Is The Killer Number – Will My Phone Explode If I Answer The Call?

The simple answer is no!

Your phone will not explode if you get any such call. It is technically not possible to send a blast via call. This viral WhatsApp message is nothing more than a hoax.

Is it possible to get a ‘death’ call from Killer Number 777888999?

Now I will give you two reasons why you won’t get any call from this number. Although as already said by sending a call technically phone explosion is not possible.

But let us come to the logical aspect.

  1. In India there are only 10 digit mobile numbers and the so-called killer number is a 9 digit number.
  2. There are many countries where mobile numbers are only 9 digit but whenever you receive an international call in India, it will have a prefixed country code in front of it.

About The Killer Number 777888999

Like all of you I also received the same message from some of my contacts but unlike most of the people, I didn’t forward the message. Before forwarding such messages I try to do some research and my motive to write this post was to spread awareness.

After doing some research I found that this message about the killer number 777888999 has been spread a long back and many people are receiving it now.


The message is a total hoax!

Please make sure if you receive this ‘killer number 777888999’ message or any similar kind of messages, don’t forward them immediately. Share to post to spread awareness.

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14 thoughts on “777888999 Killer Number & The Death Call – Will My Phone Explode?

  1. Hi its all if 10 people died because of this pls i want there names and address and if its really true then instead of fighting with other countries we will just call them and kill half of the population they have its logic ????

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