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3 Best Laptops for Students

For every college student, finding the right laptop is very essential. It should always be a clear decision when it comes to the selection of a suitable, affordable and efficient laptop.

A laptop should be the one which has all the essential features which are required by the student. Mostly an affordable and basic which requires no such hassle will be the best option for the college students. As the exam season is round the corner, highly efficient laptops are required by those appearing for online exams.

Here is the list which provides the detailed information of the best 3 laptops which would be suitable for the college students.

Mac Book Air

The distinct features of Mac book Air is what makes it distinct from the other laptops. It is the best option for the college students.

Apple Macbook Pro

Some of its characteristics are listed below:


It is a perfect choice for a college student. Since it has also come down in price, it will be easy for the college students to buy it. It is one of the smallest and the lightest laptop you can ever find. It is probably available in two sizes i.e. 11 inches and 13 inches.


It has 1.6GHz dual core fifth generation Intel processor. This laptop provides the feature of sundown to startup. It will give the students much more time to do more tasks. There is a provision of battery life of up to 12 hours. It will remain charged throughout the day so that the customers are able to work as usual.


There is also a feature of compact SSd storage in it which provides a big room for the battery as well and for various other files and documents. It is an ultra efficient architecture device which has been designed for the students in a way which makes it possible to use less power and deliver high performance.


It enables the user to use it longer than expected. The advanced performance includes games along with intensive graphic tasks and regulations.


The higher accuracy to the accessing of the information and data is something to rely on. The capacity to store in this device is 17 times quicker than the traditional laptops. If you even keep it in the standby mode for a month, it will eventually spring back to life on touching it.

Surface Pro

The surface pro is something very unique which offers the customers the best services and its innovative features is what makes it different from all the other laptops. The detailed characteristics are given below:

Surface Pro


  •  It is technical and highly capable and is an initiative by the Microsoft. The iconic device is all wrapped up in the distinct features to exhilarate the students in the best possible way.
  • It is known as the best tablet and an aspiration created by the hardware targeted personas for the target audience.
  • If you look at its features, you will come to know that it is a full featured laptop. The ports and the connectors will provide you an ease and convenience. There are different slots for the micro and macro storage cards for the extra storage and file transfer.
  • Aspirants applying for distance courses need to attend online lectures, videos, mock tests and quiz need to have a multi tasking functional hardware, which this laptop offers.

HP Chrome book 13

The HP Chrome book is the one which is distinct from all the other laptops. It is affordable and durable. The light features add more impact to its performance.

HP Chromebook 13

Some of the features are given below

  • Chrome book is considered very affordable for the college students as it can be primarily used for emails, word processing, and web browsing and so on.
  • The performance of this device is stunning and extraordinary. It is considered a premium note book which has a solid performance and defies all the expectations at just a normal price. There are more ports in it and a better usable keyboard with higher resolution.
  • The similar characteristics are all metal build with a higher quality of performance. It is like a new standard for the customers. This one is a perfect option for the college students. It defies all the evils and stands high against the rivals.
  • A sleek brushed aluminum notebook which has a high end design with the simple features of chrome. It is a part of Google work program due to which it is convenient for the users. The users of this device not only extend to schools and colleges but also to the companies and organizations. The chrome book extends high end services to all its users.
  • The security and the manageability features are the things which the information technology managers need. It is just like a business for all the specialists and the youth as well. The services are so distinct that it can be used in any field.

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