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10 Paytm hacks that can save for you unexpected

10 Paytm hacks that can save for you unexpected

Saving money is something that everyone likes be it for basic necessities or luxury items. It is very important to know some tricks that can actually save you money while making payments, doing a transaction, or purchasing anything. With digitization and modern technology being used a lot in almost every arena of business, it is now possible for us and quite easy to save money through coupons, offers, promo codes, cash backs and many more. Saving money was never this easier and you can now find various hacks to get more and more savings and offers in a particular website. Paytm is one such website popularly known for doing recharges and making bill payments. Using Paytm coupons can save up a lot for you.

It has made recharges amazing with cash backs, coupons and other amazing offers which attracted a lot of users to use the website. There are numerous such hacks and tricks about Paytm which you you should know and use whenever required to save money. However, many of the hacks are not available and have expired so you need to be careful while choosing one to save money.

Below are 10 such amazing Paytm hacks which you should follow in order to save money while doing transaction in Paytm.

1. Take up surveys: There are various websites that offer you coupons and points in exchange of

successful completion of surveys. Taking surveys are not difficult and they are interesting as

well. You can simply register in the website that is offering you the surveys and cash points and

then verify your email address and start taking surveys. Surveys are famous now days and more

and more people are taking up surveys and enjoying lots of privileges so you too can enjoy the


2. Refer a friend: Referring a friend is also a very good way of getting cash points. You simply have

to paste the referral link and referral ID and send it to your friends and once your friends

complete the surveys up to a minimum point you also earn points.

3. Apply coupons: While doing transactions you can use Paytm coupons at the time of checking

out and you will get cash backs and points in your Paytm wallet. All you need to do is apply the

coupons while making the transaction. This is the most assured way of saving money because

you get coupons a lot every now and then which you can use while doing recharge or paying


4. Download Bluestack: Install Paytm from play store in Bluestack and sign in to it. After signing in

add money to the wallet using FREE25 coupon and get Rs.25 instantly in your wallet. After that

run BSTweaker and change the IMEI number and Android ID and sign in with a new account and

ge5 Rs.25 again in your wallet.

5. Download CashBoss:It is an app that allows you to earn Paytm cash by downloading certain

apps and completing certain offers. This is very simple and the app is available in play store so

you download it easily. Once you complete the offers and download the said apps you will

get Paytm cash.

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6. Paytm promo code generator: Use Paytm promo code generator to get new promo codes every

time you are doing a transaction so that you can get cash backs or points for Paytm cash in your

Paytm wallet. This trick will help you earn unlimited amount of Paytm cash and save as much as

you want.

7. Coupon code generator: Coupon code generator is software that allows to generate coupon

codes that will help you earn cash backs and save money while doing recharges and making bill

payments. This way you can get amazing coupons which can be used to save money.

8. Cash generator: unlike promo code and coupon code generator, this software allows you to

generate cash and you can use this software to generate cash and enjoy doing recharges

without paying and using the earned cash through cash generator. No more hassle of applying

coupons or getting promo codes. Simply use cash generator and get cash and enjoy doing

recharges and bill payments.

9. TownTrot app: This app comes with many promotional offers and you will be able to get Paytm

offers as well. Visit this website and you will find numerous Paytm offers that will help you in

saving money in simple ways. All you need to do is select the offer you like and proceed. No

more hassle of generating code or cash or changing any ID and can earn cash in simple ways.

10. Shop using Paytm: While shopping. Choose a website that accepts payment through Paytm such as Flipkart,

Amazon and other shopping sites. There you can pay using Paytm and it will help you

to save money. Paytm allows you to get cash backs and offers while paying using Paytm wallet

and you can enjoy your savings at the end.

With the above mentioned hacks you can easily save a lot of money. However, you have to be very careful about using those hacks so that you can succeed in the process. All you need to do is look for them over the internet and you can save find many more as such but the above mentioned are some sure shot hacks which will help you to save money online.

So, if you think that you are out of coupons and offers then the above mentioned hacks will surely help you get some more coupons, promo codes and enjoy saving money whenever you down through Paytm. The more smartly you use the hacks the more you will be able to save money. With technology at its best now everything is possible and unlimited saving is also possible. For that you must have a smartphone, internet connection and rest will be done with ease. From next time onwards remember that you have numerous ways which can save you money in a much simple and assured way and you can save money while enjoying various perks.

Author : Amit Rajawat
Blogger, Editor at Mytokri 

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